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Legends of Tomorrow S7E7 / Hawkeye S1E3

Legends of Tomorrow S7E7 / Hawkeye S1E3

Legends of Tomorrow, Season 7, Episode 7 / Hawkeye, Season 1, Episode 3
Tijd: 1:08:25
We promise you this: you will not die in a factory. This week we cover the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow and talk about threading the line between history and comedy, a well-earned villain redemption arc, and important things to know about living in a totem. Then it’s on to the most recent episode of Hawkeye, as we’re introduced to Maya Lopez, have a thrilling trick-arrow-laden car chase, and, of course, make liberal use of Conspiracy Corner. To get your question discussed on the show, email us at or find us on Twitter....
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Releasedatum: 2-12-2021 22:40:00


From the ashes of the Speedy Arrowcast comes Biff! Dan Moren, John Moltz, and Guy English discuss superhero TV shows and movies in the inimitable style that their loyal readers have come to love.

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