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Episode #183: Donald Miralle / Photographer / Videographer

Episode #183: Donald Miralle / Photographer / Videographer

A Conversation About Photography, Filmmaking, Art, and Life
Tijd: 1:16:18
Award winning commercial and editorial sports photographer Donald Miralle joins the podcast to talk about his journey from competitive swimmer to shooting his 10th Olympic Games in Tokyo and how he went about creating a long lasting and successful career as a well known figure in sports photography on both the commercial and editorial sides of the industry.  During our conversation Donald talks about his early love of art and the water as a kid, and how both of those passions led him to UCLA where he competed as a collegiate swimmer and eventually found his way to the art side of the campus.  We also talk about how he feels he has maintained a true passion for shooting after all these years, some of the practices he has put into place in his life that he feels support that longevity, and the advice he gives to others pursuing their own creative life and careers. 
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