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Episode 5

Episode 5

Napoleon ended his life on a distant island. Andrew Roberts asks what history made of him.
Tijd: 13:58
What does history make of Napoleon? Exiled to St Helena, where it was hoped by the British that he would be forgotten, he in fact remained - and remains - a figure of fascination.
For Europeans, he is still the author of civil reforms that underpin laws today. In France, his schools, architecture and infrastructure are a constant reminder of his rule.
Opinion is of course divided. Those on the right in France tend to admire Napoleon as a strong Enlightenment leader; those on the left stress his warlike and tyrannical side.
In this programme, historian Andrew Roberts allows listeners to make up their own minds.
The programmes are partly recorded on location in Paris.
Simon Russell Beale is the voice of Napoleon.
Produced by Victoria Ferran and Susan Marling
A Just Radio production for BBC Radio 4.
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GUID: urn:bbc:podcast:b05ys326
Releasedatum: 19-6-2015 15:05:00


Historian Andrew Roberts presents a series, recorded partly on location in Paris, which dispels some myths about Napoleon Bonaparte.

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