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[SPECIAL] Clever Creature with Jason Gots - Episode 1: DESERT

[SPECIAL] Clever Creature with Jason Gots - Episode 1: DESERT

A lost man converses with his gut flora. A song about deserts real and imaginary. Jason and his son discuss the Ice Cream Desert and its denizens.
Tijd: 40:30
NOTE: This is a special guest episode of Jason's new podcast Clever Creature. Please subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts!
The Moleskine is open, the page is staring back accusingly/
Like 'come on, Punk, what makes you think you possibly could fill the likes of me?
Reflections on a big creative leap of faith: the making of this podcast. A staples manufacturer on the brink of death, taking solace in his gut flora and the memory of his daughter's love for LOL Surprise dolls. A song about deserts, real and figurative. A conversation with Jason's son Emre about the Ice Cream Desert and music-making as a doorway. And a "bonus track" 7 minute guided meditation at the end.
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Episode art by Nathan Gelgud
Theme song by Emre Gots
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Mind expanding

I love this podcast as the easy option to escape my own echo chamber. As a creative I need to always challenge myself to find new insights and see both sides of an argument. These conversations bring a fresh point of view to old challenges ✨✨✨


Verras een gast met enkele citaten uit kunst of wetenschap en een (goed) gesprek volgt vanzelf. Dit concept werkt perfect. Een grote variatie aan sprekers, een goede interviewer en originele citaten zorgen voor vele boeiende podcasts.