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Law of One Podcast - Episode 100

Law of One Podcast - Episode 100

Tijd: 1:11:44
- We give some updates about what's going on at L/L Research and in our personal spiritual journeys.
Aflevering-ID: 1000539269740
Releasedatum: 20-10-2021 02:00:00


L/L Research is a non-profit dedicated to sharing spiritually oriented information. This
podcast's panel consists of Jim McCarty, scribe of the Ra Contact and president of L/L Research; Gary Bean,
Director of L/L Research; and Austin Bridges, Assistant Director of L/L Research - each a spiritual seeker
and devoted student of the Law of One. In this podcast, we discuss questions sent in from seekers in light
of the spiritual principles shared within the Law of One and other L/L Research channeling.

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