In this Steampunk Action adventure fantasy, we discover that family isn't defined by blood.
Journals written in code...
...the cypher that can't be opened.
What secrets are they protecting?
Khaly, creator of dragons, struggles to understand the mystery language as well as the reason behind her mother hiding the journals.
Man-made beasts with no name...
...made to do one thing...
When Khaly and her friends fight to free Guild prisoners, they are forced in a battle against the man-made beasts. No matter the outcome they must push forward to stop the Guild. Their reign of terror must be brought to an end.
Outmatched in numbers and brute strength can Khaly and her dragons win, how many lives will be lost? What new nightmare has the Guild created?
Spirit is the second book in this epic steampunk fantasy. Mechanical Dragons fantasy series promises to have you on the edge of your seat, with unexpected gut wrenching and tear jerking moments! Don't miss out on another exciting adventure and meeting a new dragon!



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