Not sure how the Bible fits together? Abraham and Moses? The Exodus and the Exile? Confused over kings and prophets? Old Testament, New Testament? We’ll start at zero, and assume nothing.
We’re running through the Bible in only 42 pages, and we won’t be travelling alone. There’s a red cord running with us, starting in Genesis where we begin our journey, through to Revelation at the end.
The red cord binds the Bible together. It’s God’s rescue plan for the people he created, giving us a way out of the mess we’ve made of our lives through the free will he has given us. A friend who had just finished reading the whole Old Testament for the first time, told me, “It was written with God’s tears.”
Indeed it was. My friend could have added, “The New Testament was written with blood – the blood of Jesus.”
Chris Wright is the author of over thirty books, starting with young fiction for an English Christian publisher in 1966. He has written both fiction and non-fiction, mostly with a Christian theme, for a variety of publishers. Chris is married with three grownup children, and lives in the West Country of England where he is a home group leader with his local church.

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