Alex Garretty is no stranger to danger. In the last year she has perfected her skills as a demon hunter and is no longer scared of the Shadows lurking in the dark. But then the Guardianship requests her presence at their conference in New York and she faces a whole new set of dangers. 
Her friend Josh wants her to team up with the Rebels, but her Guardian, Daniel, still doesn't trust them. When Daniel is sent away on a mission by the Guardianship, Alex is left behind with his friend, Eli. Alex is beyond worried when Josh goes missing, and Eli helps her find the Rebels and track him down. 
What Alex discovers changes everything, and she is no longer just fighting demons. Now she has to worry about a whole new enemy, the Rogue Rebels that want to kill her. Even worse, she is no longer sure she can trust the Guardianship. Nothing in Alex's life makes sense and if she isn't careful she might lose everyone she loves.



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