Distinguished doctor and internationally best-selling author Sarah Brewer presents this unique book, which provides a highly authoritative yet easy-to-follow program of complementary medicine and self-care treatments, specially designed to support the conventional treatment for high blood pressure. If you are one of the millions (10 million in the UK alone) who have this condition, and are looking for an expert to guide you through all the positive steps you can take to enhance your health and well-being, this is the book for you. Dr Sarah Brewer offers a pioneering approach of tailor-made programs, based on the premise that we’re all unique and have different requirements. Complete the questionnaire in Part 3, and you’ll see whether to embark upon the gentle, moderate or full-strength program. Each program offers daily menu plans, as well as exercise routines and techniques from complementary medicine – all of which will empower you to take control and make real, long-lasting changes to your health.
 • Understand what your doctor is prescribing you and why.
 • Discover complementary therapies you can use to support conventional treatments.
 • One ot of every three Americans suffers from high blood pressure (that's 77.9 million people).
 • Dr. Sarah Brewer is a top expert in the field of combined complementary and conventional medicine.
 • Clearly focused book, with practical programs throughout and first-class photography and design.
 • Fully endorsed by the Complimentary Medical Association.



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