Obscure Events that Shaped the World is part of the series-a conveniently portable, stylishly packaged and eminently collectible set of six books that each open a window onto a selection of remarkable stories, characters and themes from the past. 
Obscure Events that Shaped the World will open your eyes to significant places, events and peoples that have been largely excluded from the standard histories we learn yet have directly affected our history. These stories come from far-off lands and little-known places and are as engaging as they are important. History fans will be captivated by the chronicles of events that led to monumental changes in the global geo-political landscape. 
From the Cadaver Synod, one of the strangest trials ever, in which one pope, Stephen VI (VII), exhumed the body of a predecessor, to plague that struck in the polite parlours of Victorian America, in the heart of downtown San Francisco, readers will witness firsthand the unheralded seeds of the modern age.

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