Newton Booth Tarkington - (July 29, 1869 - May 19, 1946) - was a famous American writer and playwright. It became popular because of such works as The Magnificent Ambersons and Alice Adams. He is one of the few writers who have received  Pulitzer Prize for Fiction more than once. The writer was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana in a famous family and was named after his uncle - the governor of California. During his life, he wrote many interesting works, which today are popular. His first creation Tarkington published in 30 years
Alice Adams is a great novel by Booth Tarkington
The novel describes the hard life of Alice Adams, who are familiar with Arthur Russell, powerful young man, recently arrived to the city. Arthur felt a lot of sympathy for her, and began to care for her. Alice's father was seriously ill and needed treatment and Alice could not disappoint him by telling about of Arthur Russell

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