This unofficial guide for the Batman: Arkham Knight predominantly includes information on the whereabouts of the Riddler's collectibles, trophies, riddles, breakable objects, bomb rioters as well as solutions for all of the 243 puzzles. Description of each puzzle includes information on how to get there, which gadgets to use and what to do. Descriptions of the more difficult puzzles have been provided with screenshots, which depict the successive steps to take, in order to solve those puzzles. Additionally, this guide includes maps of all the isles within Gotham as well as the maps of interiors of all the main locations, where the collectibles are located. Apart from information on collectibles, this guide also provides you with comprehensive walkthroughs for all ten Riddler trials and descriptions of the boss fights with him (i.e. the one that takes place after you solve the tenth trial and the one after you solve the last puzzle). Also, this guide includes a separate chapter devoted to Augmented Reality (AR) challenges. In total, there are 69 of them in the game and they test, among others, your proficiency at hand-to hand combat, stealth or at driving the batmobile. Batman: Arkham Knight is the next installment of the well known game series, where you get to control the Batman. Once again, you will have to face many dangerous missions, while exploring the city of Gotham. 
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