Design, develop, and solve real world automation and orchestration needs by unlocking the automation capabilities of Ansible
About This Book
Discover how Ansible works in detailExplore use cases for Ansible's advanced features including task delegation, fast failures, and serial task executionExtend Ansible with custom modules, plugins, and inventory sources
Who This Book Is For
This book is intended for Ansible developers and operators who have an understanding of the core elements and applications but are now looking to enhance their skills in applying automation using Ansible.
What You Will Learn
Understand Ansible's code and logic flowSafeguard sensitive data within AnsibleAccess and manipulate complex variable data within Ansible playbooksHandle task results to manipulate change and failure definitionsOrganize Ansible content into a simple structureCraft a multi-tier rollout playbook utilizing load balancers and manipulating your monitoring systemUtilize advanced Ansible features to orchestrate rolling updates with almost no service disruptionsTroubleshoot Ansible failures to understand and resolve issuesExtend Ansible with custom modules, plugins, or inventory sources
In Detail
Automation is critical to success in the world of DevOps. How quickly and efficiently an application deployment can be automated, or a new infrastructure can be built up, can be the difference between a successful product or a failure. Ansible provides a simple yet powerful automation engine. Beyond the basics of Ansible lie a host of advanced features which are available to help you increase efficiency and accomplish complex orchestrations with ease.
This book provides you with the knowledge you need to understand how Ansible works at a fundamental level and leverage its advanced capabilities. You'll learn how to encrypt Ansible content at rest and decrypt data at runtime. You will master the advanced features and capabilities required to tackle the complex automation challenges of today and beyond. You will gain detailed knowledge of Ansible workflows, explore use cases for advanced features, craft well thought out orchestrations, troubleshoot unexpected behaviour, and extend Ansible through customizations. Finally, you will discover the methods used to examine and debug Ansible operations, helping you to understand and resolve issues.
Style and approach
A clear, practical guide that covers best practise, system architecture and design aspects that will help you master Ansible with ease.



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