This work leverages a Hebrew Roots-Messianic Judaism framework to explore how satan works against humanity in these end times through confusion to keep people from the true Gospel and relationship offered by G_D. Exposed in prophecy is the false wisdom of this so called enlightened world as well as the solution for humanity - which is Grace and Torah provided by G_D through Yeshua HaMashiach ... known commonly throughout the world as Jesus Christ.
"Exposing Mystery Babylon - An Attack On Lawlessness" is the author's second full length book completed in 2013. This work undertakes a broad overview of Hellenism (the Greek perspective) and its impact on Western culture. Additionally a broad overview of the sacred Torah Commandments and their present day applicability is provided within a Messianic Hebraic context revealed to us by Yeshua ... The Master Rebbe and Lord!
At the crux of the issue is "Mystery Babylon" ... the veil of delusion which has been cast over the eyes of the children of men. A delusion of self-determinism and relative moral/ethical discernment which has been subtly woven into the fabric of society causing people, even purported believers in the G_D of Israel, (both Jewish and adherents of Christianity) to not only miss the straight and narrow path but to sadly even work against it ... all the while being convinced that they are in a correct relationship with G_D.
At the end of all matters what is important is that the children of men grasp onto the redemption offered by G_D through Messiah for purposes of partnering with Messiah to foster the restoration of the world. Ultimately the children of men need to realize what Messiah means when he tells us that "we are to be in the world but not of the world!" This great separation leading to personal and communal transformation is critical to the mission of Messiah and our well-being!
No one wants to be greeted by Messiah with the frightening words: "Go away I never knew you!"



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