In St Piran’s you should always dare to dream…
Devoted neonatal intensive care sister Brianna Flannigan is the best at mending tiny newborn patients. She understands the needs of their parents too – because Brianna’s warm smile hides the memory of her own baby that broke her heart into a million pieces.
When Dr Connor Monahan, the only man in the world to share her sadness, walks back into her life he stops at nothing to rescue her the way he simply couldn’t before. In the comfort of his strong, familiar arms Brianna finds that, if you wish hard enough, a miracle really can happen…
St Piran’s Hospital Where every drama has a dreamy doctor. . . and a happy ending
About the author
A voracious reader from the age of four, Maggie Kingsley decided that she wanted to be a writer when she was eight. That dream stayed with her until she was 18, when she decided that people like her — ordinary people — didn't write books, and so she trained to be a teacher instead. But it was only after working in various other jobs that her family nagged and dared and finally persuaded her to take up her pen. And the rest, as they say, is history!



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