2015 CIPA EVVY Awards - Fiction/Fantasy Merit Winner
2014 Southern California Book Festival - Young Adult Winner
2014 New York Book Festival - Young Adult Honorable Mention
2014 London Book Festival - Science Fiction Honorable Mention
"Circumstellar is one of those books that is hard to put
down. Both the story and the storytelling are of superior quality, and will
hook you from the very beginning. The plotline is fast-paced, action-packed,
and full of intriguing moments that beg you to keep reading. Lolite's writing
style is incredibly clever, rich, and vibrant, with great attention to detail
and a frequently flippant tone that's downright delightful. All told, this, the
premiere book in J. W. Lolite's new series, is sure to thoroughly entertain you
and leave you eagerly awaiting its follow-up." - Red City Review (5 Star Review)
"Circumstellar is a great story for teens and young adults. Friendship and loyalty decide what happens. J.W. Lolite gives the reader a story that will attract the young reader because of the genre, but attract the parents because of the message, and delight both with the story." - Michelle Randall for Readers' Favorite
It was just another day for me, Ingrid Fairheit, in the not-so-illustrious town of Dust Veil, Tennessee. For my slice of life that included waking up late for school, taking care of my lush aunt, secretly crushing on my best friend Ty, and making sure my glowing purple eyes didn't meet direct sunlight. You know, the usual business. Then a couple of jerks with a magic space rock popped out of thin air, assaulted me, and brought up a whole lot of drama and questions I could've done without. Ever since, I've had to put everything I learned in textbooks to the side as I explore deeper into the mystery behind the strange invaders. The shadows of Earth's past are slowly lighting up for me.
Circumstellar is the first book of the new series by J.W. Lolite. It explores the lore and mystique of ancient Sumerian culture and blends it into a tale of hidden worlds and secret races. There's an unlucky heroine, a brusque old woman in one of your not-so-average Tennessee temples, intriguing concepts, a few bullies, and some special characters of the non-human variety.



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