Life’s good for Oatmeal; when he isn’t on the couch watching reruns in his boxers, he’s smashing CRIMs and cashing bounty checks.
Then she comes along – a cutey dragging a galaxy-full of freaking trouble. He thought he’d just save the Earth-girl from the nasty aliens, give her to the police, and cash that fat reward. But Callie Hope is anything but ordinary.
Just one day with her, and Oatmeal finds himself being tracked down by every CRIM, galactic cop, and terrorist the Milky Way can conjure. Now his options are painfully simple: take all the kid’s cash and dump her or… save the galaxy.
Zero follows a dropkick bounty hunter and a sleeping super weapon cruising through the galaxy to discover the truth. If you love your space opera with action, heart, and a splash of romance, grab Zero Episode One today and soar free with an Odette C. Bell series.



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