Gladys has too much trouble to tackle. And only some of it comes from her enemies as they leak further into town in their ancient quest to rule all.
She has no clue where she stands with Max, but if she can’t save Huddleston, she’ll sit beside him in the grave. And if she can’t find her true powers and rise to the occasion, the whole world will fall soon after.
That’s a tad too much pressure – but Gladys will just thumb her glasses up her nose, reach for another jam toast, and find the first thing to kick.
Gladys the Guard follows a gaming geek and a hunky soldier fighting to save a sleepy town from mysterious creatures. If you love your contemporary fantasies with punchy action, plenty of wit, and a splash of romance, grab Gladys the Guard Episode Two today and soar free with an Odette C. Bell series.



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