It’s Nurse Sarah Cooper's good deed—offering to put up visiting Canadian doctor Matt Jordon and his little girl Emily during their stay in England. Not that it’s all selfless… Sarah loves having Matt around—despite his guarded past—and Emily is a dream! But she can't get too involved. After all, they’ll be leaving in three months, and the last thing she needs is the heartache of losing another family… But learning Matt’s secret turns Sarah’s life upside down—especially when she finds out who Emily’s mother is…!
THE AUDLEY—where love is the best medicine of all…
About the author
Caroline Anderson's been a nurse, a secretary, a teacher, and has run her own business. Now she’s settled on writing. ‘I was looking for that elusive something and finally realised it was variety - now I have it in abundance. Every book brings new horizons, new friends, and in between books I juggle! My husband John and I have two beautiful daughters, Sarah and Hannah, umpteen pets, and several acres of Suffolk that nature tries to reclaim every time we turn our backs!’



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