A warehouse fire rages out of control. Firefighter Shannon O'Shea enters the burning structure. A beam shakes loose, her path is blocked. And then a miracle…
Firefighter Shannon O'Shea is lifted from the rubble of a burning building by an unknown fireman, his protective gear shielding his identity. She's convinced her mystery rescuer is John Forrester, the newest member of their team. But when John denies it, Shannon becomes suspicious. Nothing about John seems to add up. Is he behind the explosion and fire? The only way to find the truth is to get closer to her sexy, enigmatic colleague…and risk the heat of their attraction.
About the author
A passion for reading led to writing a story based on raising a deaf son, which sold to Superromance in 1983. Twice divorced, I live alone, run, bike, swim and write, enjoying each moment of each day. For me, writing has everything to do with the process. With each book, I learn more about myself, and am humbled by how much there still is to learn.



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