Out of the frying pan and into the fire…
When designer Eva St George, branded wild and shameless by the media, is caught with tycoon Dante Vitale, it’s guaranteed to make the headlines. With a fledgling reputation to salvage, how can Eva refuse Dante’s exit strategy? Only his solution is not to leave but to stay – together!
This ruthless Italian’s sole focus is business, and if they can convince the world they’re truly in love they might just both get what they want. With enough heat between them to rival the Sahara, the fine line between business and pleasure is going up in flames.
‘Guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face, great romance story!’ – Belinda, Healthcare Worker, Uttoxeter
About the author
After years of stifling her writers muse and acquiring various uninspiring job-titles, Victoria Parker finally surrended to that persistant voice and penned her first M&B romance. Turns out, creating havoc for feisty heroines and devilish heroes truly is the best job in the world. In her spare time she dabbles in interior design, loves discovering far flung destinations and getting into mischief with her rather wonderful family.



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