Fire unleashed and uncontrolled
When a romantic romp becomes more, Kenna puts on the brakes. She's not looking for long-term, not now. But then a series of shocking surprises has her reevaluating her life.
She's pregnant with the child she's always longed for and didn't believe possible. Her pregnancy activates fire witch powers she didn't know she had. And her knitting, crafting, home-body mom turns out to be a wicked fierce fire witch fighting for the good of humans everywhere.
When her mom is kidnapped, the paranormal policing force refuses to help, leaving the rescue mission to Kenna. Can Kenna master her newly awakened fire witch powers in time to save her mom?
With the help of her old friends Lizzie and Jack, her ex-lover Max, and a feisty little magical book that refuses to be silenced, Kenna might just have a shot.

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