This is part one of a three part trilogy. To buy or borrow the rest of the series, search for:
The Club Book 2: Owned by the Billionaire
The Club Book 3: Running from the Billionaire
When you’re a billionaire, you always get what you want…
When college student Georgina Lewis loses her scholarship, she turns to the want ads to find a job so she can finish her education. Due to a mix-up, she ends up at the wrong job interview. Billionaire Caspar Ridgen however, gives her an offer she can’t refuse – one night of being his slave, dominated and getting covered by loads of men and becoming his. Does she have the strength to resist or will she give in to what the billionaire wants?
Warning: This over 5,500-word unconventional romantic erotica between two people searching for love may be too hot to handle! If you want sizzling and sexy depictions of group sex between consenting adults, then this is for you! Though you can expect sweet romantic scenes and a happy ending, this story is anything but the usual conventional romance story!
Advisory: This taboo erotica story contains over 5,000 words graphic depictions of sexual acts like orgy sex, bukkake sex, oral sex, creampies, anal sex and hot multiple partner sexual acts. All participants are over 18 years of age and consent to all acts.



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