This machine was the Professor's ultimate achievement. No woman who had lain on this table had yet been able to withstand it.
Lord Elliston is at his wit's end with his daughter Emily. Nothing he tries seems to make the slightest impact on her deplorable behavior, and when she is caught stealing a handkerchief he knows that it is time for desperate measures. One name comes up again and again—Professor George E. Feversham. The founder of Feversham's Academy of Young Women's Correctional Education has a reputation for reforming troubled young women of the lower classes, and his treatments for praefocatio matricis—female hysteria—are renowned in scientific circles. It seems that the Professor is his last, best hope for regaining control of his daughter. But what will the treatments mean for Emily?
Get ready for some sexy classic Victorian BDSM erotica with plenty of medical play with exotic toys, punishment, bondage, and submission!



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