There are lots of reasons why people have affairs, most of them revolving around the allure of extramarital sex. Lets face it, what better reason could you have? Illicit meetings, naughty texts, sex in unusual places, risky sex, rough sex, hell! Any kind of sex! In fact all the things your partner wouldnt dream of doing with you, (but probably would with someone else! ) Marriage for most people can lapse into the same old boring routine, the same old same old, one day much the same as the next because not many of us lead glamorous lives, but of course not everyone livens up their humdrum life by having an affair. Of the ones that do, some people have affairs and get caught out, others have affairs and dont, some have one affair, others are serial adulterers. Me? Yes i had an affair, got caught by my wife and took all of the kind of flack you'd expect in that situation. For a long time afterwards I didnt stray from the straight and narrow. But ah! The lure of all those lovely, scented, soft skinned horny women! How could i resist their charms? So many women, so little time! And my! What women i found! The depth of their passion and willingness to explore their sexuality astonished me! Who would have thought that such volcanoes of lust simmered underneath their everyday exteriors! Its very easy to look at a middle aged woman and not see the sexy, passionate, warm inviting person that they truly are! Being sexy isnt just about having a taut youthful body, lets face it none of us, especially as we get older are perfect in the body department, but that doesnt stop you from being sexy and attractive. The stories i'm about to tell you are all based on my experiences with these fantastic females and are all true. Youre probably thinking i'm some kind of lothario or playboy. Far from it, I'm not rich or have a high flying job, in fact i'm just a regular guy with a regular lifestyle. Im not tall, young or amazingly good looking, but i do love the company of women and they seem to like me. I suppose they must see something in me, a spark of some sort that attracts them or perhaps its because i look through the surface veneer and see the attractive sexy woman underneath. Unlike some of the erotic stories youll find written by famous authors mine arent the made up result of a fevered imagination, they are instead all true and drawn from my own experiences. My stories arent about sex in exotic places or in expensive hotels, no satin sheets or tropical beaches, but my oh my! Ive had some fantastic horny experiences in the most ordinary of places with some very sexy women and i'm sure you'd like to hear about them. So, no more preamble, are you sitting comfortably? Then let the games begin... Once upon a time there was a man who was married but loved the company of women, naughty women, very naughty women.......



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