“How to be a Rock Star Doctor” shows doctors how to get on-stage to achieve clinical and professional success, while avoiding burnout. The key is to follow the Rebekah Bernard’s Rock Star rules for running a successful practice that delights patients and delivers financial and emotional rewards to the physician.
The Rock Star rules teach the physician to:
• Convey the qualities that are the most important to patients, leading to clinical success
• Organize and control the office visit to maximize the patient and physician agendas
• Optimize time management by the use of clinical tools such as the “Problem List” and Evidence-Based-Medicine (EBM)
• Focus on physician-patient “face-to-face” time to maximize profitability
• Overcome the challenges of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) on the physician-patient relationship with time-saving methods such as customizable forms
• Cope with emotionally challenging patients by learning to show empathy, even when you don’t feel it
• Use psychology to maintain your mental health and find work-life balance



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