The fifth book in the Rehema Series.
Rehema has left Draeos, again. Unlike last time, she has put Karson and Creston in jeopardy. She is in great danger. This time she is heading north to save her kindred spirit. Travelling with Karson and Creston should make her feel safe, but with the constant threat of returning looming over them, she questions if they are her friends. Finding herself in the middle of viper attacks, lead to a dark underground city of twisted laws. Creston pulls at her heart strings, stirring feelings of hope that she should turn back, to forget why she is in the north. But she can’t. Not while she has a chance to save Connor. Discovering the power to save Ry’Delgori will cost her dearly and those she journeys with will risk their lives to aid her, regardless of the punishment.
Will Rehema save Connor from his dark side? And will she be able to walk away from Creston and his magnetic love? The Lord of EzRah, is coming for her and the fate of Dy’Monian magic will be decided.



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