Single in the city (OM) is a collection of witty, thought-provoking, bold, confessing, socio-lifestyle related articles in which the author had put down episodes and incidents, both funny and bizarre from her routine life.
Summary Of The Book
This is the story of the author, how she witnesses a radical change in life while chasing her goal from Calcutta to Delhi. She had entirely been cautioned about the big bad metropolitan Delhi. She was completely blown off by the daunted people, ambience, and Delhi environment.
Like most people she too holds a myopic vision of the capital at first, as she is counseled by friends and family and instilled with heavy doses of caution like not to go out late nights all alone.
But the resolute, iron-willed and headstrong author tries very hard to break every obstacle in her path and she learns to seek the advantage of the new surroundings. Making new friends and mixing with the people she manages to organize her life.
Knowing that subsistence for a single woman in Delhi was not as easy as she had thought, she strives hard to settle in the entirely new surroundings .The amusing occurrences narrating her critical situations that she confronted, are hilarious and treat to read. Her initial apprehensions and fear gave way to her confidence and love for the capital.
A real fun, light read, Single in the city (OM) is written by Sushmita Bose was published in 2010.It is a comical animated fascinating story of a girl in the city of possibilities and radiance –a city called ‘Delhi’. The book gives its reader an amusing funny ride through happy and frustrating situations.
Bose’s book was welcomed by the people who want some light read after a stressful and hectic work schedule. The book brings out an optimistic viewpoint of living alone as a woman in a big city.
About Sushmita Bose
Sushmita Bose worked as a contributor for an Indian Newspaper. Bose’s weekly column in a national daily Single In the City was very famous.
She had worked as an editor for The Hindustan Times (an Indian News Daily) and presently working as Features Editor and editor of Weekend magazine the Khaleej Times (Dubai).
Sushmita writes in a subtle and satirical manner with deep shades of sardonic undertones. The writing style is straight and provocative enough to keep its readers engaged and not biasing their minds with her opinions or judgments. Her interesting illustrations make her work a real relish. She lives in Dubai.



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