His Secretary - Her Second Chance (Book Three)
Final part of a three part serial. With cliffhangers.
Shocked at being dumped by Helen, Oliver can't understand why she would take back her no good husband. And he is not willing to let it go. This is a man who always wins, in business at least.
But this isn't business, this is Helen's choice and all he wants is to know that she, and her daughters are happy. Even if that means walking away.
When her estranged husband returns unannounced, Helen has two questions for him: Why is he back and what does he want? But what he tells her, makes one thing clear, she has to keep Oliver out of it. She is willing to sacrifice her own happiness to protect him from blackmail.
Can Helen and Oliver ever live happily ever after, or will they remain apart forever?
Find out in His Secretary - Her Second Chance
Book three of a three part serial. With cliffhangers.
Suitable for adults only.

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