Thirty-Six Jazz Practice Ideas to Get the Most from Your Real Book
You may know about the REAL BOOK, but what you probably don’t know is how much MUSICAL PROGRESS can be accomplished with only a single fake book!
Don’t know what to practice? Don’t want to waste valuable time?
Based on years of university-level teaching, the author of this book gives jazz musicians:
Simple, focused melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic strategies on how to use their limited practicing time more efficiently
Easy-to-understand practice ideas for any jazz musician to apply over any real book tunes
A blueprint of improvisation tips to avoid the pitfalls of directionless practicing
Here’s the beginner/intermediate jazz strategy list you’ve never seen before:
Thirty-six actionable melodic ideas, harmonic ideas, rhythmic and metric tips, ear training exercises, and basic arranging and composition blueprints, and more…
Do you know why many young musicians fail? Why intermediate-level musicians get stuck?
Do you feel like the secrets of WHAT and HOW to practice jazz improvisation are out of your reach?
Do you want to really deepen your connection to the music you play?
Sometimes jazz musicians want to get better, but don’t always know how — even with the help of a teacher. These thirty-six jazz practice ideas cover a wide range of modern jazz improvisation strategies, presented in clear topic chapters to provide the most effective results for beginner and intermediate players. 
You want to know what to practice?
Any real book or fake book tune.
Okay, now what?
Choose one or more of these 36 actionable practice ideas and make real progress with your musical abilities: improvisation and soloing, ear training, connecting harmony, and more.
For jazz piano, jazz guitar, jazz saxophone, jazz trumpet, jazz bass, jazz voice, jazz trombone, jazz drums, and all other improvising instruments.



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