Just as Rebecca Smith is settling into her new life as the love of two cowboys, Carl and Jamie, her past begins to catch up with her. 
She realizes that she must return to polygamous Red Creek for one final that threatens to change the course of her future forever. 
Will Becky return to the two alpha males who’ve staked a claim to her body and soul...or will she be forced into an unholy union in Red Creek?
* * * 
His fingers tipped my chin up. “That means you don’t question what I do, or when I do it.” 
My heart was thumping. I knew he was out to get his revenge. What could I do to keep him here? 
Ever so slowly, I slid down to my knees, my hands trailing over his body. I looked up at him, knowing that I had to submit to him completely if this was going to work. 
“I’ll do anything,” I said, softly. “Please, Carl...stay here with me.” 
He studied me on my knees. I knew he liked to see me like this. “Prove it,” he said, finally. “Prove you’re mine.” 
I slowly unbuttoned my nightgown, letting it slide down my torso until it bunched at my hips. 

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