The fourth instalment of the Rehema Series brings to light the unknown and the unthinkable. It will take on more turns then Rehema can possibly imagine. Tainge charge of another Mentor’s tutelage isn’t the best way to start her morning. Rehema is trying to stay strong, even with Dawn constantly arguing her decisions and the fear that she might have lost Creston through her own anger, deeper and unknown thoughts start to trouble her. She turns her trouble thoughts to her mother’s journal, discovering the path of love; lust and betrayal are never far. With the hidden secrets and the unknown fate her mother has stumbled into, Nerah continues her journey north to find her egg. Is Toran really going to help her? Or is there more troubling his past that she is yet to discover? Meeting Gen a shifter opens many questions for Nerah, between escaping scavators, mountain trolls and delgori, she will put her trust in the one Ryder she should never trust. Discovering the secrets to Dy’Monian magic will leave Rehema with more questions than answers.
Will she find away to accept Creston as more than just the double? And how will she be able to face him, knowing how far she stepped the line. With the echoed call of Connor’s plea tormenting her dreams, she will have to choose between the right thing to do, and what she as the only Dy’Monian Ryder can do.



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