Following on from his successful autobiography “Painting is my Life”, Dutch American artist, Albert Dolmans decided to make a selection of his drawings and to introduce them in book form.  He maintains that drawing is an artist’s most important skill. For Albert himself, it is a gift and a means to an enjoyable pastime. Since he draws mainly for himself, rarely a day passes without his putting pen or pencil to paper to catch something that has struck him, from the imposing to the mundane.
Some drawings are worked out, while others remain a simple sketch of a few lines, but both approaches capture the essence of the subject. His style is naturally influenced by that choice as well as by his mood, and the mood is most often influenced by his sensitive affinity with nature.
This selection of one hundred plus drawings is part of a private collection which Albert calls his diary. It follows the journey of his life, immortalizing what has particularly struck him on his route and reminding him of places and the emotions they evoked in times past. From the awe-inspiring to the most simple: from his home state of California or others, as he crossed that vast and varied continent; through Europe and parts of the Middle East, and back to his roots in the country of his birth, The Netherlands, where an active octogenarian, he now lives and continues to enjoy his creative work. Why not enjoy the trip with him.

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painting is my life

a fantastic book full of compassionate art inspired in different countries and circumstances, what a pearl !!
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