Coming to terms with her grief and despair following the loss of Minervar in ‘A Twist of the Sands’, Nar'Allia seeks solace back home in the great wood. Many years pass and she thinks she is recovered, at least partially. She thinks herself happy at last; well at least she tells herself so. But when someone from the east, someone she once knew seeks her out wanting to return something that belongs to her, something from the past. Then when this someone begs her for aid and once more raises old hopes. Old and painful memories she thought were forgotten and pushed to one side float back to the surface and she finds herself once more deeply embroiled in adventure.
This time the whole family are involved, each having to go their own way, each having their own tasks to complete, their own answers to find, their own dangers to face. What awaits them shocks them all to the core, challenges their very beliefs. They must risk everything; even risk the world in which they live for this one chance to accomplish what must be done. To freely offer redemption and unconditional forgiveness for all the transgressions of the past. To right all the wrongs and show compassion to those who are fallen.
Will they find the courage to do what is required of them? Will they give up everything and face an uncertain future? Will they gamble the safety and security of the whole world to ensure the future benefit of all? Will they willingly face their nightmares and live through their deepest fears? Will they pay the required price in a currency based on their own blood, sweat and tears?
Then if they are successful in all this, if they should survive, then they know they must finally make the greatest choice of all. Make a decision they never in their wildest moments thought they would have to face. Will they be freely willing to give up everything they know? Will they be willing to pass beyond all memory and fade into history, passing finally into myth and legend?



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