From One of America's Best Selling Spicy Paranormal Authors
What is the attraction modern-day Werewolves hold? They’re usually ultra-masculine. They’re powerful, possessive, and have strong appetites they don’t always repress. And what’s more romantic than a main character who bonds for life? Are there gay werewolves? Hell yes! Some of them, like Dallas and Jax in Eye of Wolf are out and proud. Joshua in Virgin Gay Werewolf is young and still at the stage of coming out—both as gay and a werewolf. Then there’s the main character of Sins of Father Wolf—a newly ordained priest who may be starting to accept his sexual orientation—but not his tie to the Moon.
So—here’s a collection of ten LGBT tales of very wild Werewolves. These exciting and steamy stories are intended for adults and feature hot romance and fun of all sorts--with an emphasis on Rough. All characters are 18 years are older They’re all available in their separate titles and series, but they’ve all been brought together for this collection:



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