Do You Struggle With Parenting Conflicts With The Ex-Wife?
There are heaps of single fathers who have parenting conflicts with the ex-wife. These conflicts are detrimental towards the upbringing of the children. The children would be confused regarding certain issues. They wouldn't grow up with stability and this impacts their outlook in life. As a single father, co-parenting is an important issue to consider because it would heavily impact the child.
In Co-Parenting Plan For The Single Daddy, Nick Thomas has shared his experience of co-parenting. In this book, he has also asked other single fathers about issues that are important pertaining co-parenting.
From this book, you would understand how co-parenting plans work and how to create one that makes co-parenting easier.
The various issues that are addressed in this guide include:-
* Benefits And Myths Of Co-Parenting
* How To Create A Solid Co-Parenting Plan
* How To Get Along With Your Ex-Wife Even After The Divorce
* How To Plan Successful Co-Parenting Meetings
* How To Deal With Disagreements And Negotiate A Compromise
Imagine being able to co-parent more harmoniously with your ex-wife. Both of you would be able to talk things out better and the children would grow up to be responsible and well-adjusted individuals.
If you are keen to bring up great children through a solid co-parenting plan, this book would give you some basic guidance.

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