A Beauty and the Beast inspired historical romance
For Stephen Pembroke, where beauty goes...death follows. With his legacy at stake, Stephen, Marquess of Barronsfield, makes a desperate proposal of marriage to his steward's new ward - and the plainest girl he has ever met. Funny that the bright, quick witted bookworm, isn't at all interested. But when she challenges him about his curse, he begins to wonder if this apparently ordinary woman is not as unremarkable as he believed. 
After a lifetime living in the shadows of others, Rosalind is determined to use her arrival at Barronsfield as a fresh new start...but an insulting marriage proposal from an attractive, if moody marquess was not what she had in mind. Coming to Barronsfield has brought more than adventure. It's brought her face to face with her own curse...loneliness. But can she open her heart to a man who's own is so clearly closed?
Strange things are happening in Barronsfield, and Rosalind unwittingly finds herself in the sights of the real beast in Barronsfield-- and Stephen must decide if his growing love for Rosalind will be his salvation or her doom.

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