This book is especially designed for people who feel like they have NO time to learn to meditate, or who think that meditation is not for them. Yet it offers a beginner and an experienced meditator hints to make meditation part of a regular practice that can change their life.
In 1912 a school teacher wrote a book about meditation. In 1985, I read that book and began meditating more intentionally. This book, though brief, is filled with real experience that helps to give the reader a place to put meditation in their day.
Each of the 10 days, or "chapter," has a focus, one extended example, and hints for that focus.
You can change your life! You can meditate. It doesn't have to be in a cave or on a mountain, but that is fine too. This book is for you if: you are too busy, you don't like the idea of meditation, your religious tradition never taught you to meditate, and/or you have tried to meditate before - and if you live in this century.
You can, with this book, begin your lifelong exploration of meditation without breaking up with or breaking out of most of your commitments. The ones that I hope you will release are those that hurt, bind, or wound you. My intention is that even the choice to free yourself of even those hurtful stories or practices will always remain your choice. Your meditation will continue to give you space and tools to make that freedom a conscious, and hopefully, a more simple choice.
Like the labyrinth, or spiral symbol of the divine from ancient cultures we will be circling in on the goal of meditation for the first six days. The last four days close in on the goal, by offering other ways of meditating, using your awareness of hearing and seeing and finally, breathing.
I offer it gratis as a resource, in gratitude and love for generosity and love I am receiving and have received. Munay.

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