A man in lust, a man in love, a man out of touch, and the tie that binds them—Scottie Malveaux of the captivating debut novel Preseason Love. A glimpse into the unsettled lives of Scottie’s lovers.
When you look inside a man’s heart you may not find what you expect. Three cities, two self-absorbed suitors, and a passionate romantic all seemingly living worlds apart, yet somehow they are deeply drawn to the same woman. The anticipation of a genuine heart that could unconditionally care for her, kept the leading lady of Preseason Love—Scottie—holding out hope for Ivan, Kari, or Byron to one day be the man of her dreams. But a simultaneous look at their lives, beyond Scottie, uncovers damaged souls hiding behind professional exteriors.
While Scottie was in Preseason Love fighting her internal struggle with lust and love, secrets are revealed as to who may have been facing a similar battle. The ambitious playboy, Ivan, is consistently blinded by his own needs. Meanwhile, Kari’s childhood scars feed his insecurity and overwhelm his heart. The ever competitive professional ball player Byron, never fails to refrain from letting his emotions get the best of him. What are these men willing to do to keep Scottie in their lives? Would she desire their love if she knew the whole story?



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