Living Buddha Lian-sheng began studying Taoism, Sutrayana and Vajrayana Buddhism forty years ago. For the benefit of all sentient beings, he has recorded many of the important and profound teachings of Buddhism, specifically those of Vajrayana Buddhism, for in The Aura of Wisdom
Living Buddha Lian-sheng explains the differences between Sutrayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, the precepts, how to honor the guru and many other secrets and practices of which have never been revealed publically. Some of these teachings may be considered the most complicated teachings of Buddhism. They are highly guarded teachings and have rarely been revealed to the general public, especially in the English speaking world. 
Those who have the affinity to encounter this book are rare and blessed individuals. Those who are fortunate enough to read it are even more exceptional. However, those who read The Aura of Wisdom and actually understand it are on the path towards reaching enlightenment in this very lifetime.



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