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Uitgebracht: 2016-06-28
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This audiobook will guide you through the steps necessary to build a brand from the ground up:
Step One (Chapter One): Create a brand platform
Step Two (Chapter Two): Devise a brand name
Step Three (Chapter Three): Design your brand's identity
Step Four (Chapter Four): Craft your brand atmosphere touch points
Most entrepreneurs, even seasoned brand managers, launch first and then work on slowly transforming the new offering into a brand. A logical progression, I would agree. After all, how can you possibly launch as a brand if you don't have any customers or marketing outreach and - obviously, since you just launched a new offering - you have no legacy or advocates?
The simple answer is by design. Design relates to the systematic process you have to adhere to, which is likely the primary reason you have sought to listen to this book. In addition though, design truly holds the key to the success of your new brand. It will set your offering apart to look, feel, and sound like a brand at the time of launch, as opposed to something that might or might not have the power to eventually turn into a brand. This audiobook will teach you how to launch your brand by design.
I share expert insights based on two decades of professional experience transforming new product and service ventures from ideation phases to tangible brand realities. Each of the key phases of preparing for a brand launch are broken down into practical guidelines designed to help you make the right branding decisions along the way.