Understanding Cat Behaviour (Unabridged)

Understanding Cat Behaviour (Unabridged)

Uitgebracht: 2015-10-29
© 2015 Gordon Roberts
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Uitgebracht: 2015-10-29
© 2015 Gordon Roberts



Cats may be the most enigmatic of all domestic animals - intelligent, inquisitive, and a law unto themselves. But this snappy book clears up most of the mystery and lets you know just why your cat does the things it does - and tells you how to deal with feline behavior problems. Written by experienced vet and animal behavior expert Gordon Roberts, this audiobook will teach you how to interpret the wide range of feline vocalizations, from mews and meows to squeaks and shrieks, and you'll discover just what's going on with a cat's body language.
This is also an essential practical guide to training a cat, with careful instructions on socializing your pet - whether it's a new kitten coming to terms with the outside world or an older animal settling down in a new home. You'll also get important veterinary insights into the science behind a cat's dietary needs.
Delivered in an engaging and lively style, this book also offers endlessly intriguing insights that will fascinate any cat lover. You'll learn about the science and statistics behind cats' seemingly supernatural ability to land on their feet and face up to the facts of the age-old debate over canine versus feline intelligence. Informed and informative and backed by years of veterinary experience, this book is the perfect introduction to feline behavior, whether you are a first-timer or an experienced cat owner, and the insights it offers will ensure a more fulfilling and rewarding relationship with your pet.
Body Language
Righting Reflex
Scent Spraying and Rubbing
Body Posture
Eating and Drinking
Feline Intelligence