Recensies van klanten

Great EP!

The guitar work on this EP is simply amazing! The four tracks are packed with endless insane licks that are being played with such smooth precision!
The tracks:
Big Bart's Cover-Up: The song starts with a familiar "The Simpson's" vibe as the song clearly is referring to Bart Simpson, all grown up. Continuing with a crazy lick with tricky sides/hammer-ons all over the guitarneck!
What i really like about this song is that as the song progresses you can hear all though Bart is all grown up, the playful/rebellious kid in him is still alive! Which in my opinion is pretty funny and well executed.
Tapdancer: Starts of with an amazing tapping lick that just makes you bob your head! Following with tasteful harmonies and very classy vibratos! The second half of the song he really shows off with shredding/arpeggios and lots of notes!!! And not the sloppy/rushed shredding most guitar-players do.
Vegetable Hotspot: This song shows that Remy is just pure guitar-genius. It has this weird Mattias Eklundh-ish tapping lick at the beginning. Later on my mind gets blown by this elegant but playful lick with crazy accelerations ... Brilliant!
Victory: A nice way to end the EP with a triumphing ambiance!
Pro's: Allot of insane/very advanced guitar-work. The overall arrangement/progressions of the songs, very refreshing!
Con's: This is of course a guitar based EP, which I as a guitar player don't mind, but may not be as exciting for everyone.
I really hope this gets transcribed ;)